Embodied Transformation.
Elevated Leadership.

2 back-to-back weekend workshops in Austin, Texas

Rewire your nervous system with this deep, intense and somatic experiential event in less than 48h. 

the bridge experience

Embodied Transformation.

Elevated leadership.

2 back-to-back weekend workshops in Austin, Texas

Rewire your nervous system with these deep, intense and somatic experiential events in less than 48h. 

... What it would it feel like

... To have a romantic relationship so full of love and connection that you never feel distant from your partner.

... Being able to call up

... Your Mom, Dad, brother, sister, cousin…and have a truly deep conversation where you both feel seen, heard, loved, and understood.

... Creating the business

... You’ve been thinking about for 10 years, and serving the people you truly care about…and it being fun, joyful, and simple.

... Asking for what you want

... At work, in your relationship, out in every day life…and getting it because you have rock-solid confidence in yourself.

Welcome to the Bridge Experience

Embody Transformation Through The Nervous System & Somatic Body

2 Workshops over 2 weekends that will blow your mind and shift everything (Just read the Social Proof here).

Culminating over 20 years of research with 22 personal growth modalities, The Bridge Experience involves 2 back to back in-person workshops designed to transform your nervous system, liberate your somatic body of stored memories and traumas, and step into your most empowered self.

The Body Remembers What the Mind Forgets

Everyday experiences, whether remembered or not, create body memories that shape our responses and behaviors. The Bridge Experience addresses these deep-seated memories through embodied practices.

Through these practices and group challenges, we create group simulations that reveal how your primary nervous system response impacts how you show up in life.

Our coaches observe everything you do—how you interact, get comfortable, get uncomfortable, sit, stand, think, walk, and talk.

We provide objective feedback on what's not working, revealing where your ego is keeping you stuck, and where your opportunity for massive breakthrough lies.

Our unique process helps you identify and address your blind spots, unlocking permanent change. Join us for an experience to apply and embody every concept learned, and walk away changed on a cellular level.

Together we explore:

The Types of People Who Come To Our Bridge Events
Who this is for

Many of our participants come back to do the Bridge Experience several times over.

The experience is not guided just by the somatic experiences themselves, but how they translate into the room.

  • Who triggers who?
  • Who’s story is the exact liberation for someone else’s?
  • Who’s wounds are resurfaced by the perfect person in the room?

Professionals dedicated to guiding others towards their highest potential, knowing they can only take their clients as far as they’re willing to go in their own life.

Visionaries seeking to elevate their leadership skills and foster deeper connections in their professional and personal lives.

Individuals passionate about self-development, and intimacy, and those striving for authentic and meaningful interactions.

Activists, community leaders, and organizers committed to making a positive impact and fostering collective transformation.

Out of 7.7 Billion People… We believe your soul is meant to be in THIS room with THESE people at THIS time for a reason.

Are you ready to shift everything?

During these 2 immersive weekends, you will:

Discover how to create intimate relationships free from the imprints of past abandonment, rejection, or failure.

Develop an understanding of how your personal, familial and social experiences have shaped you, and how that influences how you show up to life.

Passionately rally teams and communities around a vision that you STAND for

Discover how to be an embodied leader in your own life and translate that leadership to organizations, institutions, families, and communities.

Develop the ability to remain centered when your nervous system is activated, and navigate conflict effectively.

Build deeper, more meaningful connections with your family, moving beyond surface-level conversations to genuine intimacy.

Learn how to establish boundaries based on your values and desires and make powerful requests that lead to respect and connection.

Seize opportunities with confidence, overcoming the fear of failure and stepping into your full potential, recognizing your true worth.

Gain the confidence to showcase your work proudly, feeling at ease when presenting or marketing your achievements

Leave with the skills and nervous system tools to embody your vision and confidently share it with others

2 Weekends of Live, In-Person Group Challenge Activities


Join over 1,000+ Bridge Graduates from all over the world who have completely transformed their lives and what is possible

The Bridge Experience
The Bridge &
Extreme Leadership

Two Events. Two Weekends.

One full experience that will shake you to the core and transform your life in a way you never dared to dream.

You will create a new stable, solid and expansive foundation and come out exponentially different.

Purchase Bridge and Extreme Leadership together and get 30% off!


The Bridge Experience: 

Saturday:  8:00 AM – 10:00 PM 
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Extreme Leadership:

Friday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM

*We always begin ON TIME.

*The exact workshop location will be given after registration

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13-14 JULY

997 $ Level 1
  • Saturday + Sunday
  • More than 24h in the room
Combination Ticket

Full Bridge Experience
13-14 JULY + 19-21 JULY

1997 $ Level 1 + level 2
  • 2 weekends - 5 days
  • Over 57h of Transformation

Extreme Leadership
19-21 July

1497 $ Level 2
  • Friday - Sunday
  • Over 33h of Transformation
The Bridge
Level 1 Training: 2 days. 20+ Hours
"It is all about looking under the hood, seeing what needs a tune up and beginning that process. "

THE BRIDGE EXPERIENCE is all about looking under the hood, seeing what needs a tune up and beginning that process.

This is where you get to see the ineffective patterns in your life, and create a new identity around what truly lights you up.

This is a 2 Day, action packed, fully immersive experience that is designed to uncover and discover all of your underlying, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that have been holding you back from your greatness.

The bridge agenda

Every day is a somatic transformation and experiential challenge to reveal MORE of your true self.


Day 1: Introduction to Embodiment and Somatic Practices


Day 2: Nervous System Transformation and Goal Implementation

Extreme Leadership
Level 2 Training: 3 days. 30+ hours
"EXTREME LEADERSHIP is NOT for the faint of heart. This is where you get in the game and begin to embody who you really are on a whole new level."

This is our Level 2 training where you get in the car, rev the engine and put the pedal to the metal. 

Over the course of 3 action packed days together, we will have you “throw on the jersey” and GET IN THE GAME… because that’s where the DEEP LEARNING happens. You’ll be practicing “what you know” in real time, with real stakes–all in an effort to train your leadership muscle to be ready for whatever may come your way.

Extreme Leadership agenda


Day 1: Ego Annihilation


Day 2: Tools for 10x Life Elevation


Day 3: Levitation


“In the 6 months after Bridge & Extreme I've had my first 20K client and I'm finally feeling able to EXPERIENCE all the life and pleasure I've dreamt of and desire. A complete 360* shift.”

-Nothing could have prepared me for the complete (and lovingly) ass kicking that Bridge and Extreme was for me. It was so uncomfortable, scary, amazing, empowering, fun, joyful, loving and oh my goodness the best thing I've ever invested in.

In six months my whole life has changed - In the best of ways.

It has been a foundational move- my mind, body and mindset had been re-wired and shifted from being in victim mode, fluctuation between All In Flying High to complete collapse, depression and high anxiety. Today I lead my live in my power, dignity and in so much love. I feel more ME, more powerful and MORE, than I've ever been - In my life. To ANYONE that was in my situation - You had all the answers and capability - But couldn't move the needle, couldn't move in to action - Bridge and Extreme is EVERYTHING you need.

Malin Irevång, Web Designer and Business Coach @ Happy Websites


“Bridge took me from a depressed Mother of 5 Crying Myself to Sleep at night to a Thriving Master Coach and Successful 6 Figure Business Woman”

-Walking into the Bridge I was so insecure, I felt like I was broken and hated who I was. I was in an abusive relationship and didn’t know how myself and my 5 kids would ever get out.

This workshop made me fall in love with myself again, it inspired me into alignment with my souls purpose.

The Nervous System tools and energetic space I cleared helped unlock powerful intuitive gifts. I still use the tools to this day.

I now have thriving relationships and am a fun AF Mum. I became a Master Coach and I help Women Reclaim their Power and Awaken their Magic just like I did in the Bridge Room! I literally travel the world with my family doing something that lights my soul on Fire ❤️‍🔥 You get to live a life that Inspires your damn self - Get your Butt in there.

Rachelle Luv Raku, Soul Alignment Specialist & Master Coach


“Attending Bridge and Extreme has 10x my life in so many areas. My relationship with my Mamá has changed and allowed me to see her for who she is without trying to fix or change her. I left my 9 to 5 to fully be in my coaching and living the life that I align with.”

-I cannot tell you how many personal development courses, retreats, or workshops I have attended, that I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on. Bridge and Extreme are by far the most life changing!

All areas of my life have shifted in the most beautiful fashion. It is not just a workshop where you just sit and take notes. It is an actual workshop where you are learning by doing all different types of exercises to help you grow and expand.

You will learn about your patterns and how your body reacts to life. You will walk away with tangible tools that you can use daily to help you live a more aligned abundant life. You will see life form a more juicy lens. If you have an opportunity to attend The Bridge Experience... Run! And bring your partner or a friend with you. I promise you will NOT regret it!

Brandan M. Padilla Spradling, Empowerment Coach, Bridge + Extreme Guardian & Facilitator Apprentice


"After Bridge, my reality changed quickly in ways I never thought possible. I started signing clients for $5,000 and $10,000+ (from few hundred prior), made huge advancements in my career, and was able to genuinely connect with others to build community around me that I knew had my back."

-There’s no way you’ll walk out of this workshop as the same person who walked in. The Bridge is an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life in the best of ways!

Since I completed the Bridge Experience, there hasn’t been a day in my life that I haven’t shown up as a more empowered, aware, loving human being.

I was truly shown all the areas I was out of alignment with who I claimed to be and desired to be. It was challenging, and deeply humbling, but through those weekends, I was not only shown those blind spots, but given the opportunity to release so many ways of being that didn’t serve me, and receive the tools to take control of my life whenever old patterns started to kick in.

The result? Every area of life was transformed, because I was showing up as a more empowered, naturally embodied leader everywhere I went.

The Bridge isn’t just some workshop, this is an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life in the best of ways!

Edward Bertsch- Bridge Guardian, Leadership Coach & Transformational Experience Designer


“I went from almost not doing Bridge & Extreme because I thought I didn’t fit the mold of a leader, to being a chosen member of the first ever Bridge Facilitator Apprenticeship Family.”

-After decades of personal development work, I continued to struggle with feeling unsure about where I fit in & what I had to offer. I had a tremendous amount of self awareness, but I didn’t yet understand that I was not able to progress past the state of my body's, or rather, my nervous system’s, capacity to be with whatever was showing up in my life. All of that shifted because of the experiential learning that Bridge & Extreme offer.

I now remember how to maintain and/or regain my dignity in the face of any circumstances. This seemingly small change in perspective has truly changed the trajectory of my life.

I went from almost not doing Bridge & Extreme because I thought I didn’t fit the mold of a leader, to being a chosen member of the first ever Bridge Facilitator Apprenticeship Family.

For me, Bridge isn’t a workshop, it's a new paradigm and way of life. Once you experience the freedom and sacred responsibility that come with our innate power to choose, life becomes a much more interesting ride!

Riannan Zoucha, Elementum Master Coach, Bridge / Extreme Guardian & Facilitator Apprentice


"Before I struggled with self-doubt, seeking permission to lead. Now, I stand in full ownership of my power, knowing my value and worth. My romantic relationship has deepened, I signed four clients and feel more confident and alive than I ever have. Get in the room and experience the change for yourself"

-I've always had the qualities of a natural leader, but I seldom fully embraced them. It felt like I didn’t truly believe I deserved it, I was always seeking permission to step into that role. That room gave me a foundational sense of safety within my body - an ability to walk through life exactly as I am. Now, I know my place, I know where I belong, and I understand the immense value I bring when I fully believe in myself and stand in my power. In the four weeks after Bridge and Extreme, I signed four new clients. I’m no longer the timid person afraid to be seen.

I used to be the rock for everyone else—always giving, never needing anything in return. Now, I ask for and receive help and support, which allows others to give back to me. This has deepened so many of my relationships and brought immense joy to all involved.

Embrace your leadership, own your power, and watch as your life and relationships flourish in ways you never imagined.

Chris Liehmann, Empowerment Coach


the Facilitators

For the past 15 years, Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos have both dedicated their lives to learning as much as they could about Human Potential, Relationships, Psychology, NLP, Breathwork, Ontology of Language, Transformative Studies, Somatic Wisdom, Gestalt Therapy, Emotional Intelligence and Esoteric Wisdom to step into their own leadership and truly “walk the walk” of this work.

They are insanely committed to leading others on this same path, and empowering them to step fully into their unique gifts to create a world that works for everyone.

This couple is truly committed to transforming the way the world works, by transforming the lives of individuals.

They currently speak and lead workshops all over the world (both together and separately), as well as run their own widely successful empowerment platforms. Both Preston + Alexi released their first solo books in June 2016 under the publishing house of Simon + Schuster; and their first collaborative book- NOW OR NEVER- with the same publisher in January 2017


The Bridge Experience
- Bridge & Extreme Leadership

Please refer to the TICKETS or the top of this page for all dates!

The Bridge Experience Level 1 is held over a full Saturday and a full Sunday. Saturday starts sharp at 8am and ends roughly around 10pm. Sunday starts at 9am and ends at 8:30pm. Participants are encouraged to invite friends and family to a short graduation ceremony starting promptly at 7pm and going until approximately 8:30pm on Sunday evening. Graduation is required. You will have a 30 min break every 3-4 hours, with a 90 minute dinner break scheduled around the half day point.

EXTREME LEADERSHIP Level 2 is held over a full Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday starts SHARP at 8am and ends roughly around 10pm. Saturday starts sharp at 9am and ends roughly around 10pm. Sunday starts at 9am and ends around 8pm.


Please refer to the TICKETS page for all location information! (This is usually released a couple months prior to workshop date, and is held in a central area of each city).

Because of the intensive nature of our learning environment, you must be at least 18 years old to participate. We do not permit children in the workshop as we go through some pretty intense activities. (*specifics below regarding participation in Extreme Leadership.)

PREGNANCY: If you are more 6 months pregnant, we do not recommend doing the course. We have had women complete safely who are in their third trimester, however due to the physical nature of the work, we advise against it if you’re looking to participate in ALL activities offered. You may attend the workshop and opt out of any activities that you don’t feel comfortable doing, if you choose to do so.


These workshops are an experiential learning process in a highly interactive environment. You’re expected to show up with all of your presence and participate fully. Your mind, body and soul will be engaged in the work of discovery, transformation in action, and cellular redesign.

Alexi Panos + Preston Smiles will facilitate the workshop in a way that is clear, powerful, and energized. The interactive structure of the room includes a series of life-altering processes including: transformative distinctions, creative interactions, challenges that induce cellular learning and personalized coaching which will stretch and expand old limitations.

The Bridge Experience creates a space where you are able to recognize opportunities to choose different ways of thinking and acting, that will empower you to live the life you want to live. You are presented with ways in which to play with the possibilities that are available to you based on your creation. The Bridge Experience is a training that works on a cellular level–using interactive experiences to let the lesson live deeply within you, so that it’s available for the rest of your life.

In the workshop, you’ll breakthrough old limiting patterns, and create freedom and power from a grounded space. You will be trained on how to create a life based on your deepest values, commitments, and intentions. Because The Bridge Experience focuses on creating the best YOU, you’ll experience results in all areas of your life: relationships, work, contribution, purpose, finances, family and happiness.

Secure your seat on the tickets page. Because we like to keep The Bridge Experience intimate, we must strictly limit the amount of seats available in each city.

We put our hearts and souls into this training, and planning for The Bridge Experience is no exception. Because this is an international event for Alexi + Preston, the event must be scheduled in advance, with the venue and travel secured. Due to the extensive pre-planning that is involved, tickets are non-refundable, but transferable to a later scheduled event or online program. This means you are able to use the ticket price towards another event held (online or in person) by The Bridge. You are also able to transfer the ticket to another person as well, just let our support team know prior to start date so we can prepare properly.

The cost of The Bridge Experience Level 1 is $997USD. This includes the 2-day Workshop Session, a pre-workshop LAUNCH kit, and admission into our Graduates FB community.

Extreme Leadership Level 2 is $1497 and if you buy them together, the combination ticket is $1997 – YOU SAVE 500 USD!

There is also an option to pay in three installments – Be aware the price differs from “pay in full” price.

Alexi Panos + Preston Smiles are extensively trained in the fields of Personal Development and Transformation. They hold a combined 20+ years of experience in this area of work and have trained both one-on-one and large groups all over the world. They have learned and trained under the expertise of some of the pioneers in the Transformation Movement, and continue to sharpen their skills as participants in some of the most rigorous trainings around the globe.

Their fields of study include the Ontology of Language, Somatic Embodiment, Esoteric Wisdom, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Gestalt Therapy, and they are both NLP Master Practitioners.

Our workshop is intense. We don’t recommend having long commutes to and from the area where The Bridge Experience will be held. If you can stay at a nearby hotel or with a friend that would be ideal.

You’ll have homework assignments on Saturday evening and will need downtime to complete these assignments, so please plan accordingly.

Bring all of yourself. Your courage, your strength, your humility, your willingness. Also, bring snacks that you will be able to access on the breaks. Bring money for your 90 minute dinner break, and a refillable water bottle. We’ll have notebooks and pens available for you.

During the 2 day workshop and the 3 day workshop, you’ll want to be comfortable. Wear clothes that you can move in and don’t mind sitting on the floor in. Ladies, we recommend that you not wear skirts, as there is a lot of movement involved. Bring comfortable shoes or socks to wear in the workshop. Dress in layers so you can prepare for fluctuations in temperature. You will be required to dress up a bit for your Graduation, so please plan accordingly. We recommend dressing as if you are planning to go out to a nice restaurant.

Yes this is EXTREME, because it’s EXTREME LEADERSHIP. This training is set up to annihilate your ego, rip down the identities and masks you’ve become accustomed to, and have you be in the QUEST of WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

While we will absolutely push you to the edges of your comfort zone, your safety will not be put in danger. All of our exercises are specifically designed to have you face off with the parts of yourself that you will often feel like you want to run and hide from—> THAT’S the intention of this training.​

You are not forced to participate in ANY of the activities, however, we have set this entire training up to support you in having your greatest realization of your DEEPEST TRUTH. That WILL require that you step in when you don’t feel like it, and trust the process even when the ego is scared.

There is a reason why this workshop is known worldwide as the BEST personal development/leadership program available across the globe. It is built to get you extraordinary RESULTS…which requires extraordinary effort on your part.

You are not permitted to take any mind-altering substances while participating in The Bridge Experience, unless prescribed by a doctor. This means no alcohol, drugs of any kind, as well as cigarettes. If you cannot commit to this, please don’t commit to the program.

You will be expected to complete your LAUNCH KIT prior to 8am on your first day of The Bridge Experience.

You will be expected to show up on time and respect time on all breaks.

You are expected to show up with a beginners mindset. If you feel you “know it all already” then there is no room to learn anything new.

You are expected to HAVE A BLAST! Transforming your life is an incredible undertaking, and we believe it should be celebrated!

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